Saturday, August 13, 2011


Hi everybody! I'm back (sort of) to the blogging world. There has been so many things going on while I was gone. Hmm where should I start? Oh! Everybody who said Happy Birthday to me thanks and sorry I didn't reply back. My family came over and it went chaotic.

 Second, I noticed that this new world called Wysteria came out into the test realm. And a rival school? Hmmm.... sadly I'm not a member nor lvl 25 so :P But Marissa and I already planned on getting the uniform robe andrun around the Commons saying that we're nerds xD

  Also as its pretty obvious that House-a-Palooza is out until the 23 and all housing crown items are 50% off. So pretty much everybody will be buy finishing their houses and all that. I'm trying to see if I can fit that bridge into my dorm. Haha.

  And speaking of housing, KI released 2 new houses in the Test Realm maybe like a few days ago? The Sunken Palace and The Wizard's Tower. They're both very nice and hard to choose. But if I had to choose I would pick both. Despite that The Sunken Palace has running water inside I would just blame it on my boyfriend. And The Wizard's Tower is nice to have maybe a few gardens outside and inside a nice cozy reading spots for bookworms. While in the room with the large telescope can be your on private study and the small balcony a nice place to relax from all of those books.

  Tonight Spiral Live had their first episode. It wasn't so bad, it was actually funny. I'm sure everybody in the audience giggled a time or two. After the podcast there was an after party in Blaze's house. There was some little drama but I'll explain that later. The party was pretty fun and the house looked beautiful. Also Steve Spiritcaller ported in for a few minutes and I think he was dog piled while the small drama happened.

Now I wil explain something to you. Everybody knows that you need to be careful what you put online. Especially on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Skype. The only reason why I am mentioning this is because something happened that might have broke a law or two. I am not going to say names since I was not involve with this but this is a life lesson. This girl posted on Facebook these real life pictures of somebody who didn't want her to post it. Everybody called the boy fat, including the girl who posted the pictures. Then the girl told the boy to go kill himself.

 I must say that that is crossing the line. I am not sure if that's illegal, but I'm pretty sure cyberbullying like that is. Then these two girls started to defend him and the girl sent out her friends to spy on them. Or so what I heard. After that the girl and her two friends said that they're done with him. Yes they're done with their fun but they don't know how much the scarred that boy. And they did this over revenge, and we all know that revenge and violence is never the answer. So I am hoping that all of you who are reading this won't follow into this girl's shoes. Also the people who were defending the boy called the girl to curse her out.

  Honestly, I don't understand why people on Facebook would give out their numbers. It's very stupid in the first place. So here's an important lesson in life, never get revenge on somebody by crossing the line and telling them to go kill themselves. Never give out your number online and never curse out an online stranger through the phone. All of the cyberbullies say that they have better things to do irl. If they have better things then they shouldn't be crossing the line and scarring somebody over the internet. And these people who did that are probably older than me and I have better sense than them.

 So like I said, I hope that none of my readers will follow into the path these bullies did. Ok, now I'm moving into the last subject of this post. Marissa and I have decided to create a blog where we both share. It's called The Girls of the Spiral. Marissa made this in the beginning of the summer, and this entire time it has been sitting there collecting dust. So we both decided to update the header and start posting! If you want to check it out or automatically follow click here -> I'll see you around the Spiral and on Twitter. Bye!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sorry guys!

Hi everybody! Sorry i haven't blogged for a while. I've been busy with sports and studying. Anyways all i can tell you is that TR is out. Wintertusk is out and Crab Alley is back :D. The only downer is this time its for members :(.. Wintertusk from what i heard is a new part of GH and the enemies captured Grandma Raven and frozen all the GH allies. If you don't act now they will freeze everything and everyone. Wow, those monsters must be really mad.  While most wizards are busy with Wintertusk others are handling with Crab Alley and how the crabs return turned into a huge mess. Like literally a huge mess, Marissa told me that there's a crack in the middle of a street. I hope they clean it up! Also new mounts came in, which are rams.Lol, furry, fluffy rams running around. Also they added the new wand stitching feature. I can finally stitch a DS sword with a lvl 5 stats. :D All I just need now is crowns. Also rumoring on the sidewalks of Ravenwood that there's a mystery composer. I got disappointed when i read that it isn't JB :( (Big JB fan, very guilty ) Also the new show Ravenwood High will up this summer, I don't want to spoil anything before the show starts. Sorry guys, all I can say that I heard that Marissa asked Steve if he can guest star in an episode, and maybe some more famous bloggers :). Thats all I can say. Also speaking of Marissa if you think she should make her own podcast then comment on her post :)
That's all the news I can give during my dissappearance. See you around in Ravenwood! Bye! :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hello everybody! It's been a long time since I blogged huh? Well I'll keep you guys up-to-date :). Well first of all reasons for my diappearance. I had sports and chores and schools. Second, I was on a couple of times because I join Marissa's new clan and new show called Ravenwood High. Also now I'm a Twizrd! Also sub to ravenwood High before the first episode comes out! :)   and my Twitter

Okay well everybody is excited about the new world, Grandma Raven, and the new hybrid pets.
For starters the new world is called Wintertusk, I bet most of you have heard it by Facebook or Ravenwood Radio. Second, Grandma Raven might be a boss or an aly. I don't know yet all I know that they were talking about it on Ravenwood Radio. And the new hybrid pets called Egg Pet and Nightmare. The Egg Pet are so adorable, it looks like an egg hatching with the little duck feet on the bottom. LOL Marissa is nuts for that pet. The Egg Pet's parents are Collossus and a rgular Dragon. They take 5 minutes to hatch and I must warn you. If you have an Egg Pet and don;t want it to be hugged to death. I suggest you don;t take it out in front of Marissy. And the Nightmare is pretty cool. Its like a little horse with a firey mane. Its parents are the Helephant and Unicorn. It also takes 5 minutes to hatch so waiting won;t be a problem. each hatch costs like 18,000 for the Egg Pet and 17,990 or something like that for the Nightmare. Also follow Marissa's new blog Its a great site with music and the homepage picture is beautiful. I'll see you around in class bye! :)