Monday, May 2, 2011

Sorry guys!

Hi everybody! Sorry i haven't blogged for a while. I've been busy with sports and studying. Anyways all i can tell you is that TR is out. Wintertusk is out and Crab Alley is back :D. The only downer is this time its for members :(.. Wintertusk from what i heard is a new part of GH and the enemies captured Grandma Raven and frozen all the GH allies. If you don't act now they will freeze everything and everyone. Wow, those monsters must be really mad.  While most wizards are busy with Wintertusk others are handling with Crab Alley and how the crabs return turned into a huge mess. Like literally a huge mess, Marissa told me that there's a crack in the middle of a street. I hope they clean it up! Also new mounts came in, which are rams.Lol, furry, fluffy rams running around. Also they added the new wand stitching feature. I can finally stitch a DS sword with a lvl 5 stats. :D All I just need now is crowns. Also rumoring on the sidewalks of Ravenwood that there's a mystery composer. I got disappointed when i read that it isn't JB :( (Big JB fan, very guilty ) Also the new show Ravenwood High will up this summer, I don't want to spoil anything before the show starts. Sorry guys, all I can say that I heard that Marissa asked Steve if he can guest star in an episode, and maybe some more famous bloggers :). Thats all I can say. Also speaking of Marissa if you think she should make her own podcast then comment on her post :)
That's all the news I can give during my dissappearance. See you around in Ravenwood! Bye! :)