Thursday, December 9, 2010

Updates Have Arrived!

Gardening comes to the Spiral

Hello everyone! Professor Moolinda Wu here and I'm excited to tell you all about a new feature in the Spiral: Gardening! To get started on your path to a greener thumb, come visit me in my classroom in Ravenwood if you are level 12 or higher.

Students at Ravenwood can plant and grow amazing plants in their Dorms and Castles! Wizards of all schools can garden, so my hope is that every student will learn the joy of shepherding new life!

A plant's journey of life begins as a seed. There are many types of seeds, each with a different destiny. With enough energy, you can prepare soil of your choice in your Castle (if you have one) or a planter in your dorm. Then you can place the seed into the readied soil. After a time, it will begin to grow. You can shepherd its growth through spells and other means of caring for it, creating an environment for it to thrive.

After you've planted your seed, it starts to grow, from seed to seedling, young plant, mature plant to elder. You can use a number of helpful spells to usher it along as it grows, keeping it healthy and happy. Once you have planted a seedling, either in a plot or in a pot, it cannot be moved.
This is a seedling, the youngest phase of life for a plant. You will need Energy to plant a seed in a planter or the ground. After a seed is planted, you can use plant growth spells on it to help it flourish. Plants require some things to thrive and survive: water, sunshine, pollination, magic and even music.
This is a young plant, in its next stage of life after seedling. You can observe your plant's growth visually and by using some simple spells: The Inspect spell provides you with information about your plant's health and needs. The Plow spell allows you to remove a plant or dirt pile, if you wish to do so. The Revive spell allows you to transform a dead plant into a new seedling, ready to grow once more.

This is a mature plant, in the fullness of its growth. When a plant becomes mature, it can be harvested. You can harvest a plant by interacting with it. Each type of plant yields a different harvest: reagents, pet snacks, gold, treasure cards, or more seeds! You can harvest from a plant as long as it's in its mature stage of life. When a plant is in its mature stage that doesn’t mean that you can harvest it right away or that it’s continually harvestable. It means that once every day or so it will be harvestable so long as it’s in that mature state.

This is an elder plant, the final stage of a plant's life cycle. Many plants won't reach this stage! An elder plant can be harvested one final time, with much greater possible rewards. Once an elder plant is harvested, it disappears and cannot be revived.

I'm sad to say that gardening isn't all nurturing and happiness. Plants can be endangered by some very real threats.

This plant is wilting. It will die before too long if it is not taken care of. Plants can die if their needs are not met, if they are in surrounded by things they dislike, or if they are killed by pests. Plants have likes and dislikes, things that encourage or discourage their growth. A plant's likes are things it enjoyes being near. These can include other types of plants or gardening items. A plant will flourish if it is near things that it likes, while things it dislikes will cause it to become unhealthy. An important part of gardening is learning how to arrange your plants, and create a healthy garden for them.

This plant is dead. Now all that can be done is to plow it over, or to revive it. The greatest threat to plants are pests. Pests can infest a plant and hinder its growth. If pests are not eliminated, eventually the plant will begin to wilt and die. When a plant is infested by pests, it cannot be harvested. To eliminate pests, you must use pest fighting spells. To eliminate a pest, the spell must be of high enough rank. You can purchase pest fighting spells from vendors throughout the Spiral, or even win them as treasures. It's a sorry state to see plants doing so poorly, but it's important to know what risks there are when gardening.

How do I Garden?

Where do I get Seeds?
You can get seeds from gardening vendors throughout the Spiral. Farley is the gardening vendor in Wizard City's Golem Court, look for his cousins Marley, Charley and Harley in other worlds. You can also earn seeds as rewards through defeating enemies in magic duels, or get them in other ways.


How do I Plant?
When you're ready to plant a seed in prepared soil or a planter, you must cast a seed planting spell. This places the chosen seed into the soil or planter, where it can begin to grow. To prepare an area for planting outdoors in your Castle, you must cast a soil preparation spell. Soil preparation spells cost Energy. To garden in your dorm room or an indoor space in your Castle, you must buy a planter from the gardening vendor. There are different sizes and types of plants, but some types of plants cannot be planted indoors.

Plants require attention to grow in the form of plant growing spells. All plants have needs that must be met, and plant growing spells fulfill those needs for a period of time. Plants needs include water, sunlight, pollination, music and magic. Plant growing spells cost Energy to cast, and are cast through the garden interface in your home.

Plants have likes & dislikes, conditions that can help them grow or hinder their development. A plant will grow faster if it is surrouned by things it likes, and it will grow slower if it is surrounded by things it dislikes. You can learn what a plant likes or dislikes by using the Inspect spell on it.
Plants go through several stages as they grow, from seed to seedling to young plant to mature plant to elder plant. Once a plant is mature, you can harvest it by interacting with it. A plant can be harvested repeatedly until it reaches the elder stage. Harvesting yields rewards such as reagents, pet snacks, gold, treasure cards or other seeds. When a plant reaches the elder stage, it can be harvested only one more time. This harvest will yield the greatest rewards. After this, the elder plant will disappear.

Gardening Tools
Utility spells are useful for many aspects of gardening. The plow spell removes a targeted plant or dirt pile. The Inspect spell lets you look at a targeted plant's characteristics and progress. The Revive spell lets you turn a plant that has died into a young plant of the same type.

Plants can sometimes suffer from pests. Pests are annoying critters that will cause it to wilt and die if they are not dealt with. To get rid of pests, you will need to cast the appropriate pest fighting spell. Different types of pests require different types of spells. Pests are ranked and require spells equal to or greater than their rank.

If you have a high enough gardening rank, you can cast pest prevention spells to keep pests away from your garden. You can buy pest fighting and pest prevention spells from certain trainers throughout the Spiral, you can buy them at the Crown shop or you can earn them through treasure rewards. Each plant differs by how easy they are to garden, how long they take to grow and mature and how long they live.

As you continue to garden you will earn gardening experience through successfully harvesting plants. There are 10 ranks of gardening:











The types of seeds you can plant may be restricted, requiring a minimum gardening rank. Additionally, some kinds of gardening equipment and spells require minimum gardening rank to use.

Details, details, details...
Celestian Furniture
Yes you read that correctly! Celestian Furniture has come to the Spiral, as well as recipes for furniture from our newest underwater world!
Keyboard Shortcuts
The Keyboard Shortcut to enable/disable the Quest Tracker has changed from T to CTRL-T. This should prevent many young Wizards from accidentally disabling their Quest Tracker when attempting to chat.

Menu Chat
New phrases have been added to Menu Chat, including a quick 'You're Welcome' for our very polite Wizards!
No Trade Items
No Trade and No Auction stats have been removed from many Celestia items.

Zombie pets will no longer be stuck swimming.
The Myth Imp pet spell is now properly casting to dispel both Life and Death spells.
The Seraph pet's card will no longer show damage to all enemies.
Pets with 'May Cast Trap' will no longer be casting those traps on their owners!

Since your Energy is shared by both Pets & Gardening, Max Energy has been increased. Energy now begins at 40 at level 1, and increases by 1 at each even-numbered level.
References to Pet Energy are now just "Energy".

The Final Countdown quest can now be completed by a solo player. There is no longer a timer to activate the power crystals and there is also no longer a timer for the two set of creatures that trigger the doors to be opened that are right before Malistaire's room.

Crowns Shop
When an item is on sale in the Crowns Shop, you will now see both the full price with a strikethrough and the sale price, so you can see how much you are saving.

Players should no longer see their names change when they use a Polymorph spell.

Treasure Cards
Polymorph Treasure Cards now have level requirements and will not be received as rewards for duels.

Mildred Farseer has something interesting for you!
Helping Hands will now heal on the first round, and resurrect fallen players.

Mounts can now be used in the Spiral Chambers of Marleybone and MooShu.

Equipment, furniture, pet snack, treasure card and transmute recipes have been added to Celestia!

Heavy Dining Table can be placed in more locations now.

Sandstone and Sunstone can now be found on bosses in The Solar District and the Trial of the Spheres.

                                                    Hannah's comments
Yay! I can't wait to level up to 12 and start planting and also i can't wait to save up some money and buy CL furniture! Also for another good tip, if you still don't know how to plant search on Youtube :) Bye!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What's new

Hello fellow students! It's me again :) Marissa told me about her blog Life Of Marissa Petal the link is: I checked it out and it looks AWESOME! Probably a bit more awesome than mines but still its really cool and I want you guys to check it out its really cool :) Also I promise this time that I'll do the holiday specials early and sorry about not putting up episode 2 only I was busy and all that but I promise I'll get back on track :) Well ok thats all I have to say so bye!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Updates

Hello fellow classmates! It's time for this month's newsletter :)

Welcome to the December 2010 Ravenwood Bulletin Newsletter!

It's sure been a busy year for us here at Ravenwood; our pets have evolved, we grew over 10 million Wizards strong, we celebrated our second year of school, Selena Gomez visited the Spiral, new Schools of Magic were discovered, Wizards grew even stronger with new levels up to 60, and of course the whole new world of Celestia!
There's more to come before we round the year out, so keep reading and dig in!

Gardening comes to the Spiral

Hello everyone! Professor Moolinda Wu here and I'm excited to tell you all about a new feature coming soon to the Spiral: Gardening! To get started on your path to a greener thumb, when this update is in the Live Game, come visit me in my classroom in Ravenwood if you are level 12 or higher.

Students at Ravenwood can plant and grow amazing plants in their Dorms and Castles! Wizards of all schools can garden, so my hope is that every student will learn the joy of shepherding new life!
A plant's journey of life begins as a seed. There are many types of seeds, each with a different destiny. With enough energy, you can prepare soil of your choice in your Castle (if you have one) or a planter in your dorm. Then you can place the seed into the readied soil. After a time, it will begin to grow. You can shepherd its growth through spells and other means of caring for it, creating an environment for it to thrive.
To learn more about Gardening, see our Update Notes

Harold Argleston's Book of the Month Club
This is the December 2010 installment of my Book of the Month Club. These books have been suggested by a fellow Librarian from Earth, her name is Kit Ward-Crixell and she is a librarian in New Braunfels, Texas, USA.

Here there be more dragons! This month we continue looking in to books that remind us of the world of Dragonspyre.

Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George – The first in a series, Dragon Slippers introduces Creel, a feisty girl with a talent for sewing, and a world in which dragons are the good guys and try their best to stay out of the way of troublesome humans. George’s characters are terrifically drawn, especially the dragons, and the contrast between the kindly dragons and the not-so-kindly humans Creel encounters in her quest to make her living will impress kids who can understand irony.
Look for this book in your school or local library and enjoy reading, young Wizards!

Fan Artwork

Do you like to draw!? We have an entire section of our website dedicated to the drawings that our players create and send to us! There is some truly amazing artwork, and we're so thrilled at the creativity our fans have shown!
Click to have a look through all the wonderful artwork, and then follow the directions to send us your own!

Rare Ice Elf Pet!

This Ice Elf Pet is available with the redemption of a Gift Certificate purchased on the Wizard101 website.
The lucky recipient of your Gift Certificate will receive a Winterborn Egg. Once that egg has hatched, it will become the rare Ice Elf!
Visit our Gift page for more information!

Message from Mr Lincoln
Account Security Reminder from Mr Lincoln

Seems that time again when I have to remind young Wizards to not give their passwords to anyone! Ever! Even to me. KingsIsle Employees will -never- ask for your password under any circumstances.
This are a few simple steps to keep your Wizard101 account safe from the evil that people do.

Keep your password secret. This may seem like the most basic common sense step, however it is the one most ignored. Your password is your Wizards. All the hard work that you put in to the characters that you play is gone when you give out your password.

Keep your information up to date. If you registered for Wizard101 with a false or incorrect email, you cannot receive emails from us regarding your account security! Make sure the email address associated with your Wizard101 account is valid, and that you can receive email to that account.

Don't fall for it. Websites and people that ask for your password with the promise of Crowns or levelling are just going to clean your account out. Again, your password is your Wizards. When you give your password away, you give your Wizards away too.

Report suspected malicious activity. If you encounter a person or a website that asks for your password for any reason whatsoever, report it immediately. If this happens in game, use the REPORT button. If this happens outside of game, send an email to immediately.

                                                  Hannah's comments
Well I can't wait for christmas! :) I just enjoy when everybody spends more time with family and decorating and sharing and thoughtfulness. You should go and see around the neighborhoods are like. It's like a beautiful rain of color :). Anyways I can't wait for the gardening it seems very fun. Especially since the gardening is used by magic. Some games have boring gardening and all that. But I'm sure that Life wizards can garden a bit more. Get it? Since they're Life wizards and they heal and all that. Yeah I bet its not a good joke but still. Also when I logged on to Blogger I saw Friendly's post about disappearing plants. But we all know that KI will fix it. Also its very cool to get a ice elf. Since you see mosnters use it, it will probably cool walking around Ravenwood with a ice elf. Also everybody should sent in your drawings for fan art :) I hope marissa will she's very talented. Also i agree with Mr. Lincoln you need to keep your password to yourself because there's people who could pretend to be like you and all that. Well that's all i have to say bye! :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Remember Those Who Sacrificed For Us

Hello everybody! Let us take a moment of silence tremember and support those who sacrificed or are sacfricing our country. Up to Novmber 14, 11:59 PM CST. You can get a statue for free as a memory for the veterans. Last year some people got the valor sword. Some managed to get some and some didn't. This year we are all putting a commerative statue for our soldiers. If you stand in front of the statue, press X and a message will appear. Pretty much people would put this statue with their other statues or their trophy case/ room. In Social Studies we saw a video that made me cry to tears. Also I would just want those who have served or is serving our country that I am proud of them for protecting us from harm. May God bless you all. :)

New Game Card!

Hello fellow classmates! I bet you've heard of the $39 gift card now sold in Gamestop. It includes awesome clothing, staff, pet and amazing house! It also includes 5000 crowns and 1 month membership. If you haven't seen the amazing castle its the background of the new homepage picture. Trust me its AMAZING and you really don't want to miss it :)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hello fello students! Tonight around the Ravenwood campus will be full of wizards in costumes right? So what are you going to dress up as? I'm going as a vampire. So tonight I'll eat so much candy that I'll get sick and have to go to the dentist. So I hope you guys have a fun night also here's some Halloween tips-

1: Stay on sidewalks
2:Bring a flashlight
3:Don't eat unwrapped candy
4:Always have an adult with you
5:To do your pranks make sure nobody's home
6:Have fun!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Saving Crab Alley Party

Hello everybody! Marissa and I are making a cause to keep Crab Alley in Wizard101. So we would like to thank you guys who are liking our page to save Crab Alley. We want to save our favorite underwater spot for members and nonmembers. Also we want new wizards to come and learn about Crab Alley. We want new people to see how Selena Gomez came to this spot and how we're saving it at this moment. So we are going to host Saving Crab Alley parties. The first one will be on Tuesday, October 26, 2010. 8 PM Eastern, 7PM  Central. \Crab Alley, server Vampire area 1. Hope you see your guys there! :)

Preview of Celestia

Hello everybody! Sorry about the late previews but its better late then never huh? Enjoy!
Pretty right? I saw some videos of it and its very interesting. Pretty much I'm very much interested with the battles of the teachers of Sun, Moon and Star. Also I wished they made like  little schools in Ravenwood for the Sun, Moon and Star. Pretty much to my guess some evil Marleybonians came to Celestia. They created robot crabs, butler and so much more. Also have you seen the bunch of Cyruses? I guess its not worse enough that was have to battle him to get to Dragonspyre. Also the floating island is very interesting. Its actually where the cyrus group is as. If you look around more closely you'll see a blimp. A blimp that has been torn down. You can go inside but there's monsters in there.
Well thats all i got bye!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

October Updates

Celestia Opens!
Journey to Celestia!

Merle has determined that Celestia is safe for his strongest Wizard students!
New quests, new badges, new reagents, new creatures, new friends and new foes, new mounts, new pets, new spells and many new adventures await!
Players who have reached level 48 and completed the Dragonspyre quest "The Final Countdown" should speak to Merle Ambrose for more information about Celestia.

Level Cap Increase & New School Spells

Wizard101 has added 10 more levels! Level 50 players will see the return of their experience bar. Level 50 players can once again earn new experience from quests and duels.
With this level cap increase, come new Rank 8 Spells! These spells are available at level 58, but only through a quest from your Professor, so watch for those ToolTip messages! The rest of the new spells you'll have to discover on your adventures!

You will not receive experience from prior quests and duels that you completed when you were level 50.

New Schools of Magic - Sun Magic

Celestia will introduce 3 new schools of magic to Wizard101. These schools of magic are Sun, Moon, and Star. The Sun, Moon, and Star schools are designed to work as supplementary schools to your existing.

Sun Magic (Enchantments)

The focus of the Sun School is primarily on enchantments. Enchantments from the Sun School operate in the same manner as all other enchantments in the game. At the basic level they just give boosts to accuracy and damage but at higher levels they will include mutates and larger bonuses. One of the differences between Sun School enchantments and other in-game enchantments is that cards enchanted with Sun School cards disappear after combat is resolved. Sun School cards cannot be used on Rank 0 spells or Rank X spells.

Mutate Spells

Mutation spells are a big part of Sun Magic, such as this Mutate Kraken into Inferno Kraken!
Cloak Spell

Cloak has returned in a big way! Some of you may recall finding a Cloak Treasure card in the past, and we've brought this dynamic back to the game, with enhancements!

A Cloak enchantment card may be used on spell cards that are flagged as charms or wards and it disguises the spell to opponents, a very valuable Player vs Player tool!

Look for these and other new Sun Magic Enchantment spells in Celestia.

New Schools of Magic - Moon Magic

Moon Magic (Polymorph)

The moon school is focused on polymorphing. Polymorph is a new way to play Wizard101 where players can use a spell card to transform the caster into another being and swap out their spell deck! You will not only LOOK like a creature, but you will also gain a whole new set of statistics for accuracy, health, pip chance, and more...allowing you to play different roles when grouping with friends. If a duel contains two Life Wizards on one side, one can cast the Draconian polymorph that will boost their damage. If a duel contains two Storm Wizards, one could cast the Gobbler polymorph to change their abilities to suit the duel and the partners in that duel.
Polymorphs happen by using a spell card and only last for a limited time (in rounds).

A Polymorphed player temporarily changes their character's Appearance. Players will take on the appearance of the Polymorph spell they cast.

A Polymorphed player temporarily changes their character's Stats. A Polymorph will affect a players Max Health ( Current Health is proportionally converted ), Power Pip Chance, School of Focus, Accuracy, Resistance to Damage, Vulnerabilities and Damage.

A Polymorphed player temporarily changes their character's spell Deck The new spell deck completely replaces the spell deck that the player was using previously

A Polymorphed player reverts back to their normal selves when the polymorph time has expired.

New Schools of Magic - Star Magic

Star School (Auras)

The star school will be focused around a new type of magic called Auras. Auras are magical energy that surround and protect or strengthen the Wizard. Auras are unique and different from other magic in that they can't be stacked, broken, or dispelled but they will disappear over time. Auras can boost accuracy, damage, resistance, or even convert incoming spells to pips for you.

Auras are cast as normal spells and can only have a target of "Self". Auras have a timer on them that is counted in rounds. After this timer is complete the aura is removed. Auras cannot be stacked with other Auras and Casting a subsequent Aura spell will replace the previous one.

Effects of Auras

Auras have a few different special effect types that will be specific to them such as Stun Resistance, Pip Conversion, Accuracy Boost, Resistance Boost and Damage Boost.

Specific Auras

Aura of Fortification ( Blue ) - This grants the player 15% resistance to all attacks.

Aura of Amplification ( Red ) - The grants the player a 15% bonus to outgoing damage.

Aura of Precision ( Green ) - This grants the player a 10% bonus to accuracy.

Aura of Conviction ( Yellow ) - This grants the player 90% resistance to stuns and 20% block chance.

Aura of Empowerment ( Purple ) - This grants the player an extra pip every time a rank 4 or higher spell is used on him / her.

Aura of Vengeance ( Orange ) - This grants the player a 20% boost to their critical hit chance.

Critical and Block Statistics

The Critical and Block system is an addition to the existing dueling system that allows players to perform Critical Hits on opponents and avoid incoming Critical Hits. This will give players new strategies and defenses in combat and new ways to further build up their Wizard!
You'll notice your character sheet has changed a little. Press C to see a panel like this one.
The two new stats being added to the game are called Critical Hit Rating and Block Rating

Critical Hit Rating increase the player's chance of getting a critical hit.

Block Rating increases the player's chance of avoiding incoming critical hits.

Players will gain Critical Hit and Block bonuses from equipment.

The chance for a critical hit or a block is calculated AFTER fizzle and accuracy. When a spell fizzles no calculation for critical hit or block is made.

Charms, Enchantments, Wards, Manipulations and Globals are not subject to the Block / Critical system. Heals cannot be Blocked, but they can Critical!

You will also notice with these Critical and Block Statistics, that the Combat Rating System displays as a numeric value and not a percentage.

Equipment will have values of "+14 Block Rating" as opposed to the "+1% Block" style of statistic you are accustomed to seeing.

Reagent Updates

Say goodbye to the woe of buying and selling individual reagents. Reagents can now be purchased and sold in bulk at the Bazaar and Reagent Vendors!


Reagents in the Shared Bank

Hurray! Reagents can now be placed in your Shared Bank! These Reagents are under the 'Cards' tab. They do not count towards your total items in the Shared Bank, but have their own limit of 999 of each type.

Deck Updates

Many players seem to end up selling their last deck, or unequipping their deck and finding themselves in a duel with only their wand to support them.
To prevent this from occurring players are no longer able to sell the last deck in their backpack. This will ensure that all players always have at least one deck.
Should, for some reason, you manage to unequip that deck, you will receive a warning message when you close your spellbook.
You are still responsible for putting spells in your decks!
Even after all that, if you manage to enter a duel with only your wand spells, you have the option to FLEE and then equip and build your deck in safety.

Inventory Updates

Reagents and Snacks in the Shared Bank

Hurray! Pet Snacks and Reagents can now be placed in your Shared Bank! These Pet Snacks and Reagents are under the 'Cards' tab. They do not count towards your total items in the Shared Bank, but have their own limits.


Inventory Amounts

Players can more easily see how many items are in their backpack and bank, so you'll know when you're getting full and have to take a trip to the Bazaar!


Trash Confirmation
Trash button confirmation must now be clicked. You must click YES to confirm you actually want to trash an item that is in your inventory. This should help you avoid accidentally trashing the wrong item.

Shopping Updates

We've listened to our players and added a few much asked for updates to how players shop.
As mentioned above, Reagents can now be bought and sold in bulk at the Bazaar, and this applies to Pet Snacks as well!
The Bazaar limit for Reagents has been raised to 500 per type.
Players can no longer preview the contents of eggs in the Dye Shop.
The maximum amount of gold that a character can have has been increased to 200 000.
There is now a confirmation window to ensure you really want to sell a Crowns item.
The order of Recipes in the Recipe Shops are now sorted by Crafter Level and then by price.

Details, details, details...

Below are some small but important details to note about changes made in this update.
Second Chance chests will now give players an item even if their backpack is full, but note that item will go into the BANK.
Wooden Chests will begin appearing in Grizzleheim.
Some single Pet Hatching sigils have been added to the Hatchery for those who want to hatch two of their own pets, without a partner.
Damage over Time spells will now take equipment damage bonus into account for each time the spell does damage.
Raven Fortress Gates should no longer block your way during the Blood Brother quest.
Players will no longer need to complete a series of side quests to enter the Dojo during the level 48 Life School Quest 'Summer is Coming'.
Players can no longer use /r to speak to players not on your friends list.
Life Henchmen will now heal injured players.
Players will now receive exit warnings when leaving dungeons by the front door.
Silver Chests no longer have the sigil in front.
If you're under level 12 when you speak to Mr Lincoln, he will encourage you to return when you're level 12 if you want to exchange your secondary spell cards for the Training Points you spent on them.
Kenedy the Klaw has discarded his fire deck in favor of the Myth Deck he should have been using all along.
Block PvP Enemy Chat will be set to 'Yes' for all new players.
Deleted players no longer show up in Friends lists.
Elixirs can no longer be cancelled while in combat.
Quest Helper is now available in Tomb of the Beguiler.
Watch your language. Several chat exploits have been eliminated and failure to abide by the Terms of Use regarding chat can result in a permanent ban from Wizard101.
Zeke's old sign in Olde Town has been removed.
Cyrus found only a handful of typos this time around, and they have been corrected.

Boo! Let Hallowe'en Begin!

Now that Celestia is on the Test Realm, we can begin the Hallowe'en celebration! Visit Spooky Bob in the Shopping District and Jack Hallow in the Commons!

Sadly, Marissa can't get me personal pictures from Celestia in the Test Realm because her membership ended. She can't buy another gift card because both of her parents are broke. Her mom is busy with her medical needs and all that. And her dad got robbed by a crazy old lady in a shopping center. Her dad is so broke he can't even pay for her cell phone! But I have seen some videos about Celestia is its pretty much awesome. :D

Thursday, September 30, 2010

New show- Life Of A Teenage Girl

Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I have been busy with school, sports, Youtube, Videos and all that. So pretty much I have a full plate on my hands. Well I'm planning to do a Halloween trailer for my show  Life Of A Teenage Girl the show is about me as a 14 year old (in game age) and Marissa being a 14 year old too (in game age), also my friend Ryan Rainvault who is 14 on the show too. As Hannah enrolls in Ravenwood she learns how to be strong, powerful, and able to control her fears. In the show she also learns surprises, some of them are from family, or friends, or something really creepy, scary, or funny. As Hannah lives her new high school life in Ravenwood her and Marissa become BFFS while Ryan is crushing on her. The first season is kinda not tv show like but the second season we'll have more actors/actresses, a better intro and all that. Now if you have seen my videos go to
Not to spoil the Halloween trailer but you gotta see the trailer first ok? :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Quiet Diviner has joined Youtube and Facebook!

Hey everybody! Marissa got me to join Youtube and Facebook :D if you want to add me on facebook search Hannah Storm.
If you want to add and sub me on Youtube copy and paste this link:
On my Youtube I'll upload movies, music videos, short stories, adventures, updates, and blog updates.
Also I know that there might be haters on Youtube and Facebook but I'm not willing to put up a fight but if you get Marissa mad well oh boy trust me you do not want to see her angry LOL
See you around the Spiral!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Selena Gomez in the Spiral!

Selena Gomez & The Scene here -
I need your help in Wizard101!
In late September, Halston Balestrom
will have the quest "Round & Round"
for all Wizards level 6 or higher.
Watch this video to hear about
the quest and my new album
"A Year Without Rain" featuring
the songs Round & Round and A Year
Without Rain available everywhere
Sept. 21st. Be sure to check out
the YouTube and iTunes links below,
and enter the contest to win
a poster signed by me!
See you in the Spiral!
I bet allot of boys will be loving this quest LOL
But pretty much I know why they add Selena Gomez on the game.
Since she plays a wizard on Wizards Of Waverly Place and all that.
I bet her main school will be Storm if it is then Selena and I are going to be classmates! :D
Here's the quest's hints:
"Help me! I don’t know who you are, but you’re my only hope!"
Do you want to help me find my way in Wizard101? Here is more information about the quest created just for me, Selena Gomez!
Make sure you are at least level 6 in Wizard101 before you begin your adventure. You've got some time to get to level 6 before my quest is available on the Live Game in late September.
Follow the advice of my friends to find out how you can help! Remember there is a limited time to complete these quests, and then they will be gone from the Spiral forever!
Step 1:You must reach level 6 before you can help!
Step 2:I'm Professor Halston Balestrom, the Storm School teacher.
As soon as you're level 6 or more, come see me in Ravenwood, there's a most urgent matter for which I require your assistance.
Srep 3:I'm Harold Argleston, the Wizard City Librarian.

After you've spoken to Halston Balestrom, he will send you to see me in the Ravenwood Commons Library. I can tell you more about Crab Alley!

Discover the rest of the story!:That's all the help I can give you, the rest you must discover for yourself! Remember, you can help me after you're level 6, and after this quest is available in the Live Game in late September! See you in the Spiral!

Quest rewards:As a thank you for helping me with my adventures in the Spiral, this quest will reward you with two housing items! One is a portrait to hang on your wall, and the other is a statue!
Both of these items can only be obtained through the completion of my quest, and the quest won't be in the Spiral forever so hurry and finish these quests on the Live game when they are released in late September!

Friday, September 3, 2010

September Updates

Hello! Its the Quiet Diviner ready to show you some of the September Updates from the website!
1- New to the site- Producer's Letter
2- Celestia is coming soon in a few weeks or next month
3-Argleston has a new book of the month
4-Wizard101's 2nd birthday!

Ravenwood Bulletin

It's that time again, time for another Ravenwood Bulletin.

This month we have the second installment of the Producer's Letter where the Wizard101 Producer talks directly to the players. Harold Argleston has another book of the month for you to read, there's talk of a community award and a spotlight on Ravenwood Radio! Read the Ravenwood Bulletin by either clicking on the News tab on the left and selecting Newsletter, or clicking here

Happy Birthday Wizard101

It's our Second Birthday, and to celebrate, you get the Gifts!
The first time you log in to your Wizard101 game account between now and September 19th, you will receive TWO transformation gifts.
Look for the Gift Icon in the game to claim these temporary transformations! Have fun and look for more excitement around the Spiral!
*Note: These Transformations will activate as soon as you Accept the Gift!
Producer's Letter
My dear Wizards,

Hard to believe it's September already! Time flies when you're having fun!

This summer has been great to KingsIsle. The team has been busy at work making Celestia (and a few other surprises up our sleeves), and we are coming up to our second anniversary. Happy 2nd birthday to everyone!
Speaking of time flying, it boggles my mind that it's been two years since Wizard101 launched! Recently, Massive Online Gamer gave me the opportunity to talk more about the highs and lows of the last two years. You can read the interview in their upcoming September issue.

Ah... the memories. I remember the long hours and the delirium of launching Wizard101 as if it was yesterday... and today we’re there again as we prepare to release Celestia!

We're looking forward to getting more information out about the upcoming updates soon. I know... no fair, but I have to give our team of marketing sorcerers the first crack at announcing the really cool stuff! So stay tuned... I’ll be able to say a lot more in next month's letter. We appreciate your patience while we take the time to make Celestia the coolest world yet. Things are coming together, plans are becoming reality... but there is much more to be done.

Before that, though... we have an amazing special guest visiting the Spiral! I can't tell you who it is yet, but we’re thrilled about her visit! Keep your eyes peeled for news and updates coming soon!

In the last month, we've spent some time on two important fronts:

First of all, we've released a few behind-the-scenes updates to speed things up in game. We’re very happy to have so many dedicated students, but the number of players creates challenges that we’ve worked diligently to address. Our highest priority is ensuring that playing Wizard101 is great experience for everyone!
Secondly, we're trying to maintain and improve communication with the community. (That's you!) To that end, we're doing a few new things. You'll notice me hanging around the Dorms on the forums a little more on Feedback Fridays. I've been making a habit of it on Fridays because... well... Feedback Fridays just has a nice ring to it! Every so often we'll put up a discussion topic. Sometimes it might be getting your opinion on matters that we're considering for the future, and sometimes it may just be for fun. So far, we've created our own quests, decided which professors we wanted to pick on, figured out names to add to the character creation list, and figured out what creatures we want to become. I've thoroughly enjoyed all the discussions, and this helps keep us aware of what you, the players, want from Wizard101.

We've also partnered with Wizard101 Central and have been doing a semi-regular Q&A there, answering your burning questions. Check it out here if you haven't already, and please submit your questions. Of course there are some behind-the-scenes things we can't talk about (or can't talk about yet), but we've enjoyed spilling the beans now and again.

Last (but certainly not least), we're trying to incorporate fixes to legacy issues or those little "thorn in your side" issues. Ever sold an item you spent a whole bunch of crowns on? We're going to make sure there is a confirmation for that (and that it's defaulted to “No”). Tired of your Life Minion healing itself when it doesn't need to? We know that stinks, so Minions are getting some love. Are dye costs breaking your bank? We're reviewing those, too. Is selling and buying one reagent at a time getting you down? Us too... so we're fixing it. This is just a taste of what's in development for the next few updates!

As the weather is starting to cool down a little and transition into fall, we're just getting warmed up with a lot of new content coming your way. Study hard, keep your wands ready, and get ready for what's to come!
Safe journeys,

Leah Ruben

Producer, Wizard101

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy 2 year annversay!

Well sorry about the not posting lately. But congrats Kingsisle 2 years since Wizard101 came out.

You're Invited
The month of September is a party month in the Spiral! Two years ago we opened the doors of Ravenwood School of Magical Arts to all young Wizard. Look for surprises, and lots of fun throughout the game, and watch the website for news, contests and updates.You're Invited
I'll make a little party myself idk when I'm free so lets hope its on a saturday :)
                                           Cya! :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Get ready, Get set, SCHOOL TIME!

Hello fellow wizards! Its me your happy friend Hannah! School's comin' up so grab your thinking cap and start study! :)   I know everybody's upset that summer is over :( I'm sad too. But why be sad when you can hang out with all your buddies, spend some time by the lockers in the hallway, or playing with each other in P.E.  I know that probably every Ravenwood student might have to go back to school too. Especially the grandmasters. because I have a funny feeling that they'll add in new spells in the upgrades. But turn that frown :( upside down! :) Nothing gonna slow you down when you dwell on the positives. Also you might see me in a couple of Marissa's videos ;)  Also since Cassandra will be away she asked me to help her out with the blogging. But still when you wake up on first day of school  your wanting to run out of that door and see your friends and maybe get a date or flirt with your crush :)  so lets make this school year the BESTEST :D

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The all-star meet and greet!

Hey guys! Marissa told me about this All-star meet and greet that she got invited to. So since I haven't been on for a while I haven't been invited yet. But if I don't get invited I'll just be one of the visitors and see Marissa going nutty as usual. :P Well I copied nad pasted this fron John's blog-

Hey there spellcasters! John Lifeglen here to let you in on a little secret. The All-Star Meet & Greet is up and running! I'll let the flier speak for itself
Props to Cassandra Hexthorn for the amazing graphic as I am graphically challenged ;)
Yep, that's right! All kinds of heavy hitters will be there! This party is being hosted at my Watchtower Hall (surprised ya didn't I? Well this party will be to break it in right. It's been constructed for quite some time now, I just wanted to unveil with a bang. Attend the event, see the Watchtower-good deal right?). Port busses will be loading in Golem Court of Unicorn Area One at 8:00 PM CST. The bus will leave promptly at that time. Two more busses will run in 15 minute intervals at 8:15 and 8:30. 8:30 is the final bus of the evening. If you are unable to make the 8:30 bus, please comment on this post as Heather Emeraldflame (our marvelous hostess) is arranging the port bus schedules. We hope to see you when the stars align! Please note, the Bloggers' Club Countdown/Timer also leads to this event. Until the timer triggers, the 1st port bus will not leave.

We hope to see you all there!
Your Friend Always,

John Lifeglen

Monday, July 19, 2010

A new story, a new page

Hello! I was looking at some interesting stories on the Wizard101 site and i was thinking "hmm maybe I should do a story". So, I am going to make a new page and start typing away the new story! When my story is published on the new page check it out!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What a dramatic night

Ok, this may not sound like the sweet girl I always am. Well one of Marissa's ex boyfriends Chase Deaththief broke her heart. He lied to her, and she ported to one of her friends and she saw him say "I'm dating Erica" behind her back. And when I went to give him a piece of my mind he said that he's better off without her. He said that she barely talks to him. Well since Marissa is a nonmember for a short time she can't port to him. Also when she is trying to mkae conversation he doesnt respond and she's being polite and not disturbing him while he is questing. Now he hates Marisaa for no reason, he hates me because I was standing up for her. Also everybody got mad and started fighting. Thank God she is back to dating Chris. And lets hope they stay together forever. Also I said I was going to put up an evil post >:D.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Quiet Diviner's new playlist!

Hey guys! I was looking at allot of Wizard101 blogs and I saw one with a music playlist so i was thinking "hmmmmm". So, since Marissa is pretty much a pro at music she gladly installed the music playlist to my site. Yes she put the songs and some of them with my approval. The playlist is shown ALLLLLLLLLLLL the way below the homepage. Bye! :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Update Notes

Begin your journey to Celestia

An urgent message has come from a faraway world!. For those of you who have completed the Final Countdown quest in Dragonspyre, visit me, Halston Balestrom, in Ravenwood. I urgently need your assistance!

These are the Preview Quests to Celestia. The world of Celestia will be available later this year.

Note: Due to community feedback, these preview quests will not be required to gain entry to the new world of Celestia when it is released.

Don't Fear the Reaper

Snorri Oysterbloom in Grizzleheim wants to speak with you, but only if you've completed the quest "I'm with the Band"!

If you like these quests, you may be interested in how they were developed and designed with Eric Bloom of Blue Oyster Cult. You can read more at Massively.
Crafting comes to Grizzleheim

Torald Wayfinder finally has a new set of recipes, bringing new Grizzleheim items for you to craft. But the really big news is that he was able to find a recipe for a Grizzleheim House!

The crafted Grizzleheim house will be a definite challenge even for our Master Artisan Crafters. Please note this house can only be crafted once per character and if you already have the maximum number of houses (3) on that character, you will not be able to craft this house.
We know you love your homes, but sometimes unwanted guests arrive, so we're giving our players more ways to control who is in their house.

There are now privacy options to only allow your Friends (but not their friends) to teleport to your home. Look for this in the Privacy Tab when you press ESC in the game.

The owner of a house can send guests away with the "Send Away" option. Just click on a Wizard in your Home and the Friends panel will appear, where you will see the option to "Send Away". The Wizard that was sent away will receive the message "The owner asked you to leave."

More excitement! With the supply routes to and from Grizzleheim populated with millions of Wizards, Grizzleheim housing is now available! Look for it in the Crowns Shop.

Some updates to pets, big and small. We listened to our players and reassessed some of the features associated with the Pet Pavilion. Details below.

The prices for Hatching pets have been adjusted.

The process of pet Hatching now has a confirmation window to ensure both parties agree to the transaction.

All new level 48 quest reward pets will receive the Power Pip talent.

Life pets such as the EarthWalker will have life boosts, not Myth like some currently give.

IceZilla is now only available through the hatching process.

Changes are underway in Dragonspyre

Based on the feedback of many of our Wizards, we have taken a long look at Dragonspyre and made some minor adjustments that will ensure that the world is fun and challenging both for players who play in groups, and for those who play solo.

Living in a lava filled world has had an effect on the residents of Dragonspyre.

the health of many creatures has decreased

the experience rewards have been increased

fewer creatures will need to be defeated to meet quest requirements

fewer items will need to be collected to meet quest requirements

several of the gauntlets have fewer rooms

We feel these changes bring Dragonspyre more in-line with the difficulty to reward balance of the other worlds of the Spiral.
Player vs Player

In the next few days we will be implementing a temporary solution to the problem of chain stunning in the Player vs Player Arena. When a player is stunned, four Stun Shields will appear instead of one. Please note this is only a temporary solution while we investigate other ways to resolve the issue of chain stunning in the Arena.


New Clothing

A new Beastmaster Clothing Set is available in the Crowns Shop! It will increase your maximum Pet Energy!


Residents of the Spiral

Old Smokey has found a new place to hang out - look for him in the Ironworks

Dusty Shadowcloud now offers more snacks for sale.

A new Pet Shopkeeper has arrived in Marleybone!



The Master of the Oasis badge will once again be rewarded for completing all the Krokotopia quests. Those who have previously completed all the quests will receive the badge right away.

The Savior of the Spiral badge will no longer be rewarded for simply participating in the duel that defeats Malistaire. Players must have and complete the quest to receive the badge from now on.



The Commander Canteloupe has been promoted to Captain Canteloupe!

Pets are now able to 'love' more snacks from their school.

The humble Tomato will remain in the veggie aisle.



Third time's a charm. Feint will now correctly display the debuffs on the player and opponent, correctly reflecting what is displayed on the card.

White squares should no longer appear around a spell when it is cast.

Death Wizards will find their minions will cast more interesting spells.

Earthquake will now remove prism spells and Spirit Armor created by Rebirth.

Pets that come with a card will now appear to cast the spell when the Wizard chooses to cast that spell from their deck..



The Gift Icon and notification will now only appear when a player logs in. If you change areas, the notification will disappear, and you must log out and back in to see the notification again.

Cyrus has been using his red corrector pen to address minor spelling errors
If you obtained your School Specific pet from the level 48 quest, between May 25 2010 and July 8th 2010 it will not have the Power Pip chance talent.

If you would LIKE this talent on your pet, please fill out this form.

Mr Lincoln will review this poll every Friday, and alter the pets accordingly the following week. If more information is needed about your pet, he will contact you through the email address you used when you registered for Wizard101.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Journey to Celestia

Begin your journey to Celestia

An urgent message has come from a faraway world! For those of you who have completed the Final Countdown quest in Dragonspyre, visit Halston Balestrom in Ravenwood.
To learn more about what's happening, see the most recent Update Notes! And look for a new special mount in the Shop!

The Crowns Shop now includes- the Beastmaster set, Celestian sword, Dragon's Fjord, and the Dream Filly or what some people call it like Marissa- The Unicorn

But Marissa has told me that her friend Angel Stormwraith tried to reach Celestia in the Test Realm and Live Realm. So honestly I think either they didn't put up Celestia or there's a bug.
So Marissa is planning to wait until Angel lets her know like when he can accesss Celestia so Marissa can start and Marissa and I are helping each other with our blogs. Since I'm the gossiper and she's the Member I'll tell her what I know and she'll send me pictures in member places. For example, the Marleybone pet shop and Celestia.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Congrats Kingisle!

Hi guys! :) I am really excited because Kingisle got 10 MILLION players! Congrats! I copied and pasted this from the Ravenwood News.
Ten Million Wizards Join Forces to Save the Spiral!

We're thrilled to announce that Wizard101 has surpassed 10 Million players. We want everyone to throw a party with your very own Party Pack! To receive this FREE item set, go to and enter the word PARTYPACK.

The Austin-American Statesman is also celebrating with us! Read More
Also Marissa and I have a little congrats card just for Kingisle :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Malistare's birthday bash :)

Hey! Marissa told me on facebook that Malistare invited her to his birthday bash on June 28 at 6:30 central time Marissa sent me the link on MSN so I am going to copy and paste-
Date: Monday, June 28, 2010

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Location: Unicorn Way, Vampire Realm AREA 1

HELLO young wizards! This June 28th I will be throwing my birthday bash at Unicorn Way, Vampire Realm Area 1. If you can, please let people know and if you have a blog please I am not making you, I am asking you if you can post it. Thanks, Again young wizards! Hope you can make it!

THANKS to for presenting the party.

You are invited...
Malistaire's birthday Bash!

When?: June 28
Where?: Unicorn Way
Realm: Vampire
Zone: One, (Might run into 2)
Invite and spead the word!!!!

~ Malistaire

I am SO going to try to get there :D

Summer finally starts! :D

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I was on the game working on something AKA my outfit yep thats right I am going to wear a little more higher lvl clothes (in appearance). So who's outta school and who's still in?  Well, who is going to improve in the summer on the game? I know I will with my wardrobe and I am going to level up to level 10 (yes, I'm still a level 9 :P)  Also after I get my improvements on my storm Im going to level up my death. Probably Marissa is going to level up her balance I:  But put in the comments below what are you plannning to do this summer :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Comedy Theurgists' second webshow

Alrighty, I was listening to Comedy Theurgists' podcast today and it was AWESOME! In the beginning marissa has medium technical difficulties. For example, her internet restarted and they unmuted the livestream volume on the livestream page LOL. But, when i was looking at the chatroom I saw iroxandrule who put this really really harsh comment he put "yea, your blog and SHOW have technical difficulties". Honestly, I saw also the comments he puts that he is giving them "advice". That comment he wasn't giving "advice" and Marissa warned me bout him. I wonder why he wants to ruin Comedy Theurgists. But still the podcast was really really fun. Even Stephen Spiritcaller joined in the call which was very surprising. Also here is a friendly warning to all my fellow Wizard101 bloggers..... iroxandrule is very harsh on people who hasn't done anything to them so if he comments on your blog just ignore him That's all the news I got See-ya!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New character for the celestia wallpaper

Alrighty, they put up a new character for the Celestia wallpaper. I can't wait for them to open it up! Marissa said it would be cool if we wore diving gear in Celestia. LOL, but it would be also cool to have like wizard enchantments. Like a potion that can turn a wizard into a mermaid/ merman. Also, everybody is still going NUTS for those crabs! I am starting to agree with marissa bout those crabs being extinct thing. Also not just the crab but for other rare pets. For example the storm cat, silver colussus, and all that stuff :/ Also on Diary Of A Wizard Connect X Fallon put that Friendly cracked the code uner the title Celestia what it says is- "Beneath the waves the stars still shine". That term sounds very poetic but it's very nice. The new character looks like a shark warrior LOL so here the picture

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My first Ravenwood Radio after party! :D

Alrighty, last night was Ravenwood radio episode 17 and it ROCKED. The after party also ROCKED! I met Fallon Shadowblade and Stephen Spiritcaller and I saw leesha Darkheart. It was the best night of my life! Lol, Marissa was yelling at me to hide next to the Death School so we won't get road killed. I don't know what's the problem I think its fun getting road killed. But still, it was the best night of my life and I'll never forget that :D

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crazy For Crabs

Hey! Second post WOOHOO! Ok, I promise that I'll follow you guys. But first I wanna talk bout something? Guess what it is? Celestial Crabs! Yea I heard almost everybody is trying to get those fat critters. Really they are FAT. I saw them in a life house when I ported to one of my good friends and I saw 2 crabs. And I was like o: those are really fat fat fat fat fat fat crabs!
Lol, Marissa made this joke that those crabs will be extinct by the time Celestia opens. Also Marissa told me you have to fight oakheart to get it. Normally I would wait until Celestia opens ya know save some gold and go to the Bazaar and buy some crabs lol. But its funny having a fat tiny crab walking behind you with its claw on its chest. Seems like the crab is loyal lol

Monday, May 31, 2010

Pet Updates

Hello! This is the first post ever! :D Alrighty lets start.... Bout the pet Updates how do you guys like it? I haven't tried them out yet but soon I will ya know train my dragon allot so he can become a teen or an adult or epic. My friend Marissa Petal said that is slows down her game. Lol.... poor Marissa. But I had heard of it allot, like the games, the hatchery and all that. I think the game that got me interested is the dance game why don't you put down your favorite game? Just write down right under those post in the comments ok so I'll cya around the Spiral!