Saturday, August 21, 2010

Get ready, Get set, SCHOOL TIME!

Hello fellow wizards! Its me your happy friend Hannah! School's comin' up so grab your thinking cap and start study! :)   I know everybody's upset that summer is over :( I'm sad too. But why be sad when you can hang out with all your buddies, spend some time by the lockers in the hallway, or playing with each other in P.E.  I know that probably every Ravenwood student might have to go back to school too. Especially the grandmasters. because I have a funny feeling that they'll add in new spells in the upgrades. But turn that frown :( upside down! :) Nothing gonna slow you down when you dwell on the positives. Also you might see me in a couple of Marissa's videos ;)  Also since Cassandra will be away she asked me to help her out with the blogging. But still when you wake up on first day of school  your wanting to run out of that door and see your friends and maybe get a date or flirt with your crush :)  so lets make this school year the BESTEST :D

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