Thursday, September 30, 2010

New show- Life Of A Teenage Girl

Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I have been busy with school, sports, Youtube, Videos and all that. So pretty much I have a full plate on my hands. Well I'm planning to do a Halloween trailer for my show  Life Of A Teenage Girl the show is about me as a 14 year old (in game age) and Marissa being a 14 year old too (in game age), also my friend Ryan Rainvault who is 14 on the show too. As Hannah enrolls in Ravenwood she learns how to be strong, powerful, and able to control her fears. In the show she also learns surprises, some of them are from family, or friends, or something really creepy, scary, or funny. As Hannah lives her new high school life in Ravenwood her and Marissa become BFFS while Ryan is crushing on her. The first season is kinda not tv show like but the second season we'll have more actors/actresses, a better intro and all that. Now if you have seen my videos go to
Not to spoil the Halloween trailer but you gotta see the trailer first ok? :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Quiet Diviner has joined Youtube and Facebook!

Hey everybody! Marissa got me to join Youtube and Facebook :D if you want to add me on facebook search Hannah Storm.
If you want to add and sub me on Youtube copy and paste this link:
On my Youtube I'll upload movies, music videos, short stories, adventures, updates, and blog updates.
Also I know that there might be haters on Youtube and Facebook but I'm not willing to put up a fight but if you get Marissa mad well oh boy trust me you do not want to see her angry LOL
See you around the Spiral!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Selena Gomez in the Spiral!

Selena Gomez & The Scene here -
I need your help in Wizard101!
In late September, Halston Balestrom
will have the quest "Round & Round"
for all Wizards level 6 or higher.
Watch this video to hear about
the quest and my new album
"A Year Without Rain" featuring
the songs Round & Round and A Year
Without Rain available everywhere
Sept. 21st. Be sure to check out
the YouTube and iTunes links below,
and enter the contest to win
a poster signed by me!
See you in the Spiral!
I bet allot of boys will be loving this quest LOL
But pretty much I know why they add Selena Gomez on the game.
Since she plays a wizard on Wizards Of Waverly Place and all that.
I bet her main school will be Storm if it is then Selena and I are going to be classmates! :D
Here's the quest's hints:
"Help me! I don’t know who you are, but you’re my only hope!"
Do you want to help me find my way in Wizard101? Here is more information about the quest created just for me, Selena Gomez!
Make sure you are at least level 6 in Wizard101 before you begin your adventure. You've got some time to get to level 6 before my quest is available on the Live Game in late September.
Follow the advice of my friends to find out how you can help! Remember there is a limited time to complete these quests, and then they will be gone from the Spiral forever!
Step 1:You must reach level 6 before you can help!
Step 2:I'm Professor Halston Balestrom, the Storm School teacher.
As soon as you're level 6 or more, come see me in Ravenwood, there's a most urgent matter for which I require your assistance.
Srep 3:I'm Harold Argleston, the Wizard City Librarian.

After you've spoken to Halston Balestrom, he will send you to see me in the Ravenwood Commons Library. I can tell you more about Crab Alley!

Discover the rest of the story!:That's all the help I can give you, the rest you must discover for yourself! Remember, you can help me after you're level 6, and after this quest is available in the Live Game in late September! See you in the Spiral!

Quest rewards:As a thank you for helping me with my adventures in the Spiral, this quest will reward you with two housing items! One is a portrait to hang on your wall, and the other is a statue!
Both of these items can only be obtained through the completion of my quest, and the quest won't be in the Spiral forever so hurry and finish these quests on the Live game when they are released in late September!

Friday, September 3, 2010

September Updates

Hello! Its the Quiet Diviner ready to show you some of the September Updates from the website!
1- New to the site- Producer's Letter
2- Celestia is coming soon in a few weeks or next month
3-Argleston has a new book of the month
4-Wizard101's 2nd birthday!

Ravenwood Bulletin

It's that time again, time for another Ravenwood Bulletin.

This month we have the second installment of the Producer's Letter where the Wizard101 Producer talks directly to the players. Harold Argleston has another book of the month for you to read, there's talk of a community award and a spotlight on Ravenwood Radio! Read the Ravenwood Bulletin by either clicking on the News tab on the left and selecting Newsletter, or clicking here

Happy Birthday Wizard101

It's our Second Birthday, and to celebrate, you get the Gifts!
The first time you log in to your Wizard101 game account between now and September 19th, you will receive TWO transformation gifts.
Look for the Gift Icon in the game to claim these temporary transformations! Have fun and look for more excitement around the Spiral!
*Note: These Transformations will activate as soon as you Accept the Gift!
Producer's Letter
My dear Wizards,

Hard to believe it's September already! Time flies when you're having fun!

This summer has been great to KingsIsle. The team has been busy at work making Celestia (and a few other surprises up our sleeves), and we are coming up to our second anniversary. Happy 2nd birthday to everyone!
Speaking of time flying, it boggles my mind that it's been two years since Wizard101 launched! Recently, Massive Online Gamer gave me the opportunity to talk more about the highs and lows of the last two years. You can read the interview in their upcoming September issue.

Ah... the memories. I remember the long hours and the delirium of launching Wizard101 as if it was yesterday... and today we’re there again as we prepare to release Celestia!

We're looking forward to getting more information out about the upcoming updates soon. I know... no fair, but I have to give our team of marketing sorcerers the first crack at announcing the really cool stuff! So stay tuned... I’ll be able to say a lot more in next month's letter. We appreciate your patience while we take the time to make Celestia the coolest world yet. Things are coming together, plans are becoming reality... but there is much more to be done.

Before that, though... we have an amazing special guest visiting the Spiral! I can't tell you who it is yet, but we’re thrilled about her visit! Keep your eyes peeled for news and updates coming soon!

In the last month, we've spent some time on two important fronts:

First of all, we've released a few behind-the-scenes updates to speed things up in game. We’re very happy to have so many dedicated students, but the number of players creates challenges that we’ve worked diligently to address. Our highest priority is ensuring that playing Wizard101 is great experience for everyone!
Secondly, we're trying to maintain and improve communication with the community. (That's you!) To that end, we're doing a few new things. You'll notice me hanging around the Dorms on the forums a little more on Feedback Fridays. I've been making a habit of it on Fridays because... well... Feedback Fridays just has a nice ring to it! Every so often we'll put up a discussion topic. Sometimes it might be getting your opinion on matters that we're considering for the future, and sometimes it may just be for fun. So far, we've created our own quests, decided which professors we wanted to pick on, figured out names to add to the character creation list, and figured out what creatures we want to become. I've thoroughly enjoyed all the discussions, and this helps keep us aware of what you, the players, want from Wizard101.

We've also partnered with Wizard101 Central and have been doing a semi-regular Q&A there, answering your burning questions. Check it out here if you haven't already, and please submit your questions. Of course there are some behind-the-scenes things we can't talk about (or can't talk about yet), but we've enjoyed spilling the beans now and again.

Last (but certainly not least), we're trying to incorporate fixes to legacy issues or those little "thorn in your side" issues. Ever sold an item you spent a whole bunch of crowns on? We're going to make sure there is a confirmation for that (and that it's defaulted to “No”). Tired of your Life Minion healing itself when it doesn't need to? We know that stinks, so Minions are getting some love. Are dye costs breaking your bank? We're reviewing those, too. Is selling and buying one reagent at a time getting you down? Us too... so we're fixing it. This is just a taste of what's in development for the next few updates!

As the weather is starting to cool down a little and transition into fall, we're just getting warmed up with a lot of new content coming your way. Study hard, keep your wands ready, and get ready for what's to come!
Safe journeys,

Leah Ruben

Producer, Wizard101

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy 2 year annversay!

Well sorry about the not posting lately. But congrats Kingsisle 2 years since Wizard101 came out.

You're Invited
The month of September is a party month in the Spiral! Two years ago we opened the doors of Ravenwood School of Magical Arts to all young Wizard. Look for surprises, and lots of fun throughout the game, and watch the website for news, contests and updates.You're Invited
I'll make a little party myself idk when I'm free so lets hope its on a saturday :)
                                           Cya! :)