Thursday, September 30, 2010

New show- Life Of A Teenage Girl

Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I have been busy with school, sports, Youtube, Videos and all that. So pretty much I have a full plate on my hands. Well I'm planning to do a Halloween trailer for my show  Life Of A Teenage Girl the show is about me as a 14 year old (in game age) and Marissa being a 14 year old too (in game age), also my friend Ryan Rainvault who is 14 on the show too. As Hannah enrolls in Ravenwood she learns how to be strong, powerful, and able to control her fears. In the show she also learns surprises, some of them are from family, or friends, or something really creepy, scary, or funny. As Hannah lives her new high school life in Ravenwood her and Marissa become BFFS while Ryan is crushing on her. The first season is kinda not tv show like but the second season we'll have more actors/actresses, a better intro and all that. Now if you have seen my videos go to
Not to spoil the Halloween trailer but you gotta see the trailer first ok? :)


  1. Its really nice to hear that a new TV show is going to start related to the life of teenage girls i am really excited about this show and surely going to watch it.

  2. Ooh Hannah that is such a good idea! :D!!! It seems so awesome! Btw it's Mary Dreamshade lol That's really cool!
    o: Can I be in it?

  3. Sure let me see if I can put you in either season 2 or season 3 because season 1 is full of actresses and actor :)