Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hello everybody! It's been a long time since I blogged huh? Well I'll keep you guys up-to-date :). Well first of all reasons for my diappearance. I had sports and chores and schools. Second, I was on a couple of times because I join Marissa's new clan and new show called Ravenwood High. Also now I'm a Twizrd! Also sub to ravenwood High before the first episode comes out! :)   and my Twitter

Okay well everybody is excited about the new world, Grandma Raven, and the new hybrid pets.
For starters the new world is called Wintertusk, I bet most of you have heard it by Facebook or Ravenwood Radio. Second, Grandma Raven might be a boss or an aly. I don't know yet all I know that they were talking about it on Ravenwood Radio. And the new hybrid pets called Egg Pet and Nightmare. The Egg Pet are so adorable, it looks like an egg hatching with the little duck feet on the bottom. LOL Marissa is nuts for that pet. The Egg Pet's parents are Collossus and a rgular Dragon. They take 5 minutes to hatch and I must warn you. If you have an Egg Pet and don;t want it to be hugged to death. I suggest you don;t take it out in front of Marissy. And the Nightmare is pretty cool. Its like a little horse with a firey mane. Its parents are the Helephant and Unicorn. It also takes 5 minutes to hatch so waiting won;t be a problem. each hatch costs like 18,000 for the Egg Pet and 17,990 or something like that for the Nightmare. Also follow Marissa's new blog Its a great site with music and the homepage picture is beautiful. I'll see you around in class bye! :)