Saturday, July 10, 2010

Journey to Celestia

Begin your journey to Celestia

An urgent message has come from a faraway world! For those of you who have completed the Final Countdown quest in Dragonspyre, visit Halston Balestrom in Ravenwood.
To learn more about what's happening, see the most recent Update Notes! And look for a new special mount in the Shop!

The Crowns Shop now includes- the Beastmaster set, Celestian sword, Dragon's Fjord, and the Dream Filly or what some people call it like Marissa- The Unicorn

But Marissa has told me that her friend Angel Stormwraith tried to reach Celestia in the Test Realm and Live Realm. So honestly I think either they didn't put up Celestia or there's a bug.
So Marissa is planning to wait until Angel lets her know like when he can accesss Celestia so Marissa can start and Marissa and I are helping each other with our blogs. Since I'm the gossiper and she's the Member I'll tell her what I know and she'll send me pictures in member places. For example, the Marleybone pet shop and Celestia.

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