Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What a dramatic night

Ok, this may not sound like the sweet girl I always am. Well one of Marissa's ex boyfriends Chase Deaththief broke her heart. He lied to her, and she ported to one of her friends and she saw him say "I'm dating Erica" behind her back. And when I went to give him a piece of my mind he said that he's better off without her. He said that she barely talks to him. Well since Marissa is a nonmember for a short time she can't port to him. Also when she is trying to mkae conversation he doesnt respond and she's being polite and not disturbing him while he is questing. Now he hates Marisaa for no reason, he hates me because I was standing up for her. Also everybody got mad and started fighting. Thank God she is back to dating Chris. And lets hope they stay together forever. Also I said I was going to put up an evil post >:D.

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