Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crazy For Crabs

Hey! Second post WOOHOO! Ok, I promise that I'll follow you guys. But first I wanna talk bout something? Guess what it is? Celestial Crabs! Yea I heard almost everybody is trying to get those fat critters. Really they are FAT. I saw them in a life house when I ported to one of my good friends and I saw 2 crabs. And I was like o: those are really fat fat fat fat fat fat crabs!
Lol, Marissa made this joke that those crabs will be extinct by the time Celestia opens. Also Marissa told me you have to fight oakheart to get it. Normally I would wait until Celestia opens ya know save some gold and go to the Bazaar and buy some crabs lol. But its funny having a fat tiny crab walking behind you with its claw on its chest. Seems like the crab is loyal lol


  1. Hey Hannah, cool post but I wanna mention 2 things. One, it's a crowns item actually so you can't actually buy it with gold and two, the bazaar can't sell anymore pets for some reason :( But I did love this post :D Keep it up!

  2. Oh right I forgot the updates ruined the pet sales :( and I might try to buy crowns

  3. Yes the boss you fight is OakHeart but he is called the Crazed Forest Spirit. Thats because of a quest.