Saturday, June 5, 2010

New character for the celestia wallpaper

Alrighty, they put up a new character for the Celestia wallpaper. I can't wait for them to open it up! Marissa said it would be cool if we wore diving gear in Celestia. LOL, but it would be also cool to have like wizard enchantments. Like a potion that can turn a wizard into a mermaid/ merman. Also, everybody is still going NUTS for those crabs! I am starting to agree with marissa bout those crabs being extinct thing. Also not just the crab but for other rare pets. For example the storm cat, silver colussus, and all that stuff :/ Also on Diary Of A Wizard Connect X Fallon put that Friendly cracked the code uner the title Celestia what it says is- "Beneath the waves the stars still shine". That term sounds very poetic but it's very nice. The new character looks like a shark warrior LOL so here the picture

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