Sunday, June 6, 2010

Comedy Theurgists' second webshow

Alrighty, I was listening to Comedy Theurgists' podcast today and it was AWESOME! In the beginning marissa has medium technical difficulties. For example, her internet restarted and they unmuted the livestream volume on the livestream page LOL. But, when i was looking at the chatroom I saw iroxandrule who put this really really harsh comment he put "yea, your blog and SHOW have technical difficulties". Honestly, I saw also the comments he puts that he is giving them "advice". That comment he wasn't giving "advice" and Marissa warned me bout him. I wonder why he wants to ruin Comedy Theurgists. But still the podcast was really really fun. Even Stephen Spiritcaller joined in the call which was very surprising. Also here is a friendly warning to all my fellow Wizard101 bloggers..... iroxandrule is very harsh on people who hasn't done anything to them so if he comments on your blog just ignore him That's all the news I got See-ya!

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