Monday, October 25, 2010

Preview of Celestia

Hello everybody! Sorry about the late previews but its better late then never huh? Enjoy!
Pretty right? I saw some videos of it and its very interesting. Pretty much I'm very much interested with the battles of the teachers of Sun, Moon and Star. Also I wished they made like  little schools in Ravenwood for the Sun, Moon and Star. Pretty much to my guess some evil Marleybonians came to Celestia. They created robot crabs, butler and so much more. Also have you seen the bunch of Cyruses? I guess its not worse enough that was have to battle him to get to Dragonspyre. Also the floating island is very interesting. Its actually where the cyrus group is as. If you look around more closely you'll see a blimp. A blimp that has been torn down. You can go inside but there's monsters in there.
Well thats all i got bye!

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